Triathlon Training

Triathlon Coaching Package

With our Triathlon Coaching Package, you will receive a customized training program with all components of your workouts prescribed (warmup, cool down, intensity, duration) for swimming, biking, running, and strength/core guidelines.

The Triathlon Coaching Package includes:

  • Goal setting and race planning with your personal coach
  • Premium Training Peaks Account
  • Heart Rate, Power and Pace Zones established through testing/training data
  • Detailed daily workouts with specific instructions
  • Access to strength and drill videos
  • Race day nutritional guidelines
  • Communication with your coach as needed through email or phone (athlete initiated)
  • Exclusive discounts on products, services, andĀ sponsorĀ deals

$315-$350 month based on coach experience

*30 day written cancellation required

*$150.00 set up/restart fee