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TRAIN THE BRAIN! A Seminar with new TNM Coach Brandyn!

Come learn techniques, strategies, and concrete tools for optimum sports performance through training your brain before you train your body.

Do you get nervous for the swim start? Are you scared away from racing but have always wanted to try? Do you have dreams about finishing dead last? Are you scared of being run down? Do you lack motivation? Do you find it hard to make goals or find a place to start? Do you get frazzled the day before your race? Are you scared of failing? Are you afraid of winning? ALL of these questions, and many more, are thought patterns that can be removed and replaced with positive thoughts…JUST by training your BRAIN! Come learn how!

Presented by the newest member of the TNM coaching family:
~ Brandyn Roark: Professional Multisport Athlete and Coach, and Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Specialist.

Date: Friday, May 6
Time: 6pm
Location: TNM Facility @ INewMed
Cost: $50.00
*To register for this seminar please RSVP to coaches@tnmultisports.com

*Bring: comfortable clothes and a stopwatch if you have one!

One Response to TRAIN THE BRAIN! A Seminar with new TNM Coach Brandyn!

  1. sarah stender May 4, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    I would like to attend. See you Friday!