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TNM Postal Swim Mania!

TNM athletes tackled the challenging mission of swimming the Postal Swim. The objective of the Postal Swim as defined by the USMS is: to swim as far as possible in one hour in any pool you choose that is 25 yards or longer (our choice being the fantastic ECAC the home to our now 2x month team swims). The Postal Swim was so popular that we filled the pool twice last weekend! What can we say, our athletes like to work and work hard they did!

During the Postal Swim, drafting, flotation, and propulsive devices (pull buoys, fins, paddles, wet suits, etc.) are not permitted. No more than two swimmers may share a lane. If a lane is shared, each swimmer must stay on his or her side of the lane during the entire race (i.e. no circle swimming). An adult acting as a starter/head timer/referee shall be present at all times during the swim. Each swimmer must have a verifier to count laps and record cumulative splits every 50 yards or 50 meters. The timing of the event may be done with a stopwatch or electronic timing device. Cumulative split times must be recorded to the nearest second (final times for national records to the nearest 100th).

With many athletes signed up for Ironman events this year, the swim was a super start to the training season. The swim allowed our athletes to gain the confidence of getting a good long swim under their belt while accompanied by the endless support of fellow teammates, friends and of course coaches! While not all athletes are training for Ironman events, everyone took full advantage of joining in for the thrill of being a part of the annual Postal Swim!

The theme of the day = smiles! The swimmers started with smiles and ended with smiles!

Group 1 are all smiles after a swell swim!

Group 2 shows us their pearly whites!

And the swimmers are off! Only 59min and 59sec to go!!!

The ladies streamlining it!

Kickin' it in to the next gear!

Erin takes a hydration "pit stop"!

Randy and Kim, some of our diligent time keepers!

It's a race to the finish!!!

There were endless smiles post Postal Swim! We’re not sure if the smiles were bigger because they made it through the swim, or they really did have a blast! But don’t let all the smiles fool you, the Postal Swim is no walk in the park, it is serious stuff and some even more serious swimming! But swimming with a bunch of friends and training buddies, along with all the fantastic volunteers right by their sides, would put a smile on anyone’s face!



... and more smiles!!!

Here’s a look at all of our fab swimmers and their impressive distances:

Kim Pancoast: 4,050 yards
Karissa Lackey: 3,825 yards
Mark Webb: 3,685 yards
Brent Hardy: 3,650 yards
Natalie Komar: 3,620 yards
Erin McCormack: 3,420 yards
Manuel Medina: 3,330 yards
Darin Smith: 3,330 yards
Elizabeth Martin: 3,275 yards
Vicki Boiven: 3,225 yards
Jeff Waggner: 3,040 yards
Barb Fox: 2,950 yards
Sarah Holberg: 2,950 yards
Tom Camp: 2,900 yards
Lisa Ohge: 2,870 yards
Teresa Engrav: 2,675 yards
Ann Sloan: 2,650 yards
Sheri Hancey: 2,663 yards
Kirsten Nesholm: 2,450 yards

A huge CONGRATS to go to all of our Postal Swim fishies!!! We are so proud of each and every one of you! And of course, not to be forgotten, a huge THANK YOU to our fearless leader Coach T and to all of our volunteers, for without you this event would not have been possible!

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