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TNM Athletes take the Island (Mercer Island that is) by Storm!

Let the race season begin!!!

Kicking off the 2011 local race season, we had an amazing showing at the Mercer Island 5K, 10K and half Marathon. And a super kick-off it was with over 32 athletes racing, we were a pack to be reckoned with! The sun was shining and so were all of our athletes with some superb performances! Team spirit was running high, the tent was up and everyone was sporting their fav TNM gear 😉

Our youngest and proudest runner of the day (Ilka's son) is ready to ROCK the kid's course!

Steve Atwood putting his game face on and basking in the pre-race sun 😉

While there was plenty of pre and post race laughter and kidding around, the MI courses are no joke! The courses have more ups, downs, turns, and bends in them than a roller-coaster! And just when you think that you have hit all the hills and rollers you could, there is that last little steep climb to the finish that is placed there like a bad joke but oh so exhilarating when you crest the top and sprint that 30yds down to the finish line!

The ladies (aka: Elizabeth Martin, Alyssa Goodchild, Lisa Ohge, and Kirsten Nesholm) show their enthusiasm at the start of the 10K course! (the photographer was also so excited that she couldn't keep her hand steady ;-))

Plenty of fantastic races, course PR’s , top placements, and race debuts made it a very memorable day for all! Don’t forget to check out all your speedy teammates race times under our Race page! You can even sort by name/time/and pace just by clicking on the desired column for sorting.

Amanda Camp focusing on that strong finish!

Proud finishers!!! Ilka Lauerman, Ilka's son and Ellen Kidal

Congrats to all of those who raced your performances were amazing and inspiring out there! And of course always a big thanks to the support systems out there cheering them all on! Your cheers of encouragement are the secret weapon that kept all the racers charging up those hills to the finish line!  It would’ve be that much more mentally difficult out there without all of that positive energy to keep our athletes moving forward. Your cheers are what helped to give all the racers that boost when we really need it out there!

We look forward to seeing you all out there at the many races to come this season creating more fabulous memories!!!

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