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TN Multisports to Promote Local Non-Profit on New 2012 Race Kits

The new 2012 TNM team jerseys will be sporting the name of a local aid organization called International Medical Assistance Team (IMAT). The space was donated by a current team sponsor who volunteered their own spot on the newly designed kit to promote this organization.

IMAT is a locally based, non-governmental aid organization made up of medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in response to disaster or crisis in order to mitigate human suffering and preserve the dignity of affected populations. This local, grassroots organization was originally created as a response to the January 12th, 2010 Haiti earthquake. It has quickly grown to include over 800 local volunteers comprising of doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT-firefighters, and other first responder personnel. Headed by Chris Tompkins, a Snohomish County firefighter, the organization is excited about the opportunity to be associated with the speedy athletes of TN Multisports!

Chris and the volunteers at IMAT would like to graciously thank Teresa Nelson, the coaches and athletes of TN Multisports, as well as team partners and sponsors for this important support. “Together, with the help of community members like you, we are making a difference in our community and around the world.”

Look for a possible benefit run or race this summer because TNM athletes make a difference!

For more information about IMAT please take a moment to view the website at www.imateam.org or contact TNM member Randy Perkins with any questions!

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