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The TNM Crew Tackles the Eastlake Stairs

To ring in the New Year, the TNM crew tackled the Eastlake Stairs – every last one of them! To start the season off on a high note, the team did some extra credit strength and cross training with a power filled stairs workout. Check out the photos of all the good times!

How many stairs to the top? Too many to count!!!

John Strayer and Coach Bridget power it up!

Keisha leading the way for Jeff and Jawn!

Back down only to go back up 😉

Amanda's smile = proof that the stairs are FUN! (Or she is just happy to be back down 😉 )

The stairs get a thumbs up from Barb, Sara, Steve, and Dave!

Big smiles from John and Bridget after a great workout!

Many more great team workouts to come in 2011!!! Come join in on the fun and train on with all of your favorite training buddies!!!

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