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Team Party Festivities!

With another stellar race year coming to an end, what better way to celebrate the memorable journey than with a fantastic team party with all our favorite training buddies, friends, and family! After another year of intense training fun and over 95 amazing race events represented by TN athletes, it was time to let loose! Instead of spandex, it was dressy casual. Endurance drinks were replaced with beer, wine, and other carb loading beverages of choice. Gels and gu were replaced with chips and dip, chalupas, homemade goodies, and yummy cake pops! All around a much more enjoyable way to fuel 😉

TN takes the cake!

The daughter of Teresa E (our gracious hostess) takes a poll from our athletes on their favorite distance – wonder what the favorite TN distance was…

The crew is riveted to T’s end of the year speech!

Awww…. Flowers for the coaches!

and Lululemon gift cards too 😉

Where’s the spandex?!?!? Just kidding – love the looks ladies!

One of the most anticipated events of the evening was our annual team slide show where we all get to look back at all the fond memories and friendships created along the way. It served as a reminder of what we all love about this sport!

To showcase all of our amazing athletes, their dedication, and their joy for the sport, here is the TNM year in photos that just might make you cheer, laugh, and even bring a tear of unexplainable happiness and pride knowing that you are a part of something so magical: Congrats to all of our TNM athletes, you are all truly inspiring!

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