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Gerk’s is your one-stop shop for bicycles, time trial bikes, and essential cycling gear. Whether you need a bike fitting, repairs, new components, or cycling clothes and fuel, they have everything you’ll need to make your ride great. Stop their Issaquah location for stellar service at exclusive team prices.

Athletes and trainers alike know that a day of strenuous, rewarding exercise can result in muscle pain that can sabotage your workout efforts for days to come. The technology utilized by RecoveryPump is based on some of the latest clinical studies on muscle physiology and sports injury recovery. Active Compression Therapy does more than just relieve the symptoms of stress to the muscular system; it tackles the causes of muscle soreness, and its accompanying impact on performance, right at the source.

Thick, super buoyant neoprene isn’t very stretchy. Nylon jersey liners (on the inside of the suit) further restrict movement. The result? You have to work harder to get the same range of motion and move the same distance in the water. Ever notice how much more your shoulders burn in a wetsuit? That’s technology working against you.

Roka designed the Maverick Pro with premium neoprene — the best in the world — from the Yamamoto Corporation in Japan. They use super-thin Yamamoto #40 on the arms, shoulders, chest and back of the suit — covering the dominant working muscles for the freestyle stroke. The combination of the high quality (high stretch neoprene) and minimal thickness mean your shoulders won’t burn like they do in your current suit. Roka uses thicker, less stretchy Yamamoto #39 in the core and legs, where support and stability is desired. In addition to optimal panel construction, they use different nylon liners on the inside of the suit, allowing stretch in some places and stability in others. The result is a feeling of comfort and speed you will love.

The dedication is intense. After months of training—brick-after-brick, endless transition drills, and getting that race nutrition dialed—one thing is clear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a World Champ like Crowie or first time triathlete, the quest for the perfect race formula is never-ending. The course-crushing Shiv is a key part of this formula, helping you transition to the run with energy left in the tank.

Rudy Project combines science, computer technology and high-quality materials to design and manufacture high-tech sunglasses, goggles, helmets and accessories for athletes and racing teams. TN Multisport athletes receive discounts off the retail price of Rudy Project products for the entire 2010 season. Check out e-rudy.com (for prescription eyewear and gear, head to e-rudy.com/rudyRX/) to view their products, and contact us to receive a discount code.

Power Meter City
At Power Meter City, we focus on ONE area only: power meters. Our singular focus means we can offer you the best possible value, selection, advice and support. We feature the largest selection of power meters and accessories. In addition, we offer free shipping, a discount on TrainingPeaks Premium, support 7 days a week and financing through PayPal Credit. Through our expertise, content and unique resources, our goal is to take the confusion out of power meters and make sure we find the right power meter for you!

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