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Seattle Half Marathon Training Program

This 12 week half marathon training program is a well structured, easy to follow, step by step approach to training, allowing everyone to get into top running form. It is a detailed training program set up through TrainingPeaks (an online training software program) that highlights all key weekly workouts that need to be completed in order to prepare yourself physically and mentally to have the best experience you can have come race day. Your workouts will come with detailed instruction and training advise. Having a structured plan laid out infront of you is a great motivator and really helps you keep track of your training and progress. The progam will also break the training down into managable blocks making completing a half marathon a very doable goal. For those who are avid runners and looking to become faster, the structured plan links weekly workouts together to help maximize training.

The Seattle Marathon course offers a unique hilly challenge for any that wish to push their limits in a half marathon. It is a beautiful course which starts and ends right in downtown Seattle. You get to run right by the stadiums, up and onto the freeway, down along scenic Lake Washington Blvd, and up the tree lined country road feel of Interlaken. The course is well suported and lots of fun! As we approach the event there will be several Saturday runs that will be along the more challenging parts of the course so that everyone can practice and feel as prepared as possible.

This program can help the half marathon goals from the beginner to the experienced runner. We hope to help be a part of your next running goal!

Let us help motivate you to get running!!! What are you waiting for?!?!?

Program details:
Start date: Sept 4, 2011
End date: Nov 27, 2011 (race day)
Cost: $250/12 weeks

*Individual and personalized coaching is available for half and full marathon training.

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