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Run Form Video Analysis


TN Multisports will work with you to analyze your run form and provide guidance on how to improve your running to help increase your speed and efficiency.


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Running form video analysis is beneficial for:

  • Any beginning runner who wants to start running properly and avoid the dangerous trap of having inefficient form
  • Experienced runners who have been plagued by injuries as a result of their inefficient form
  • Experienced runners who desire to improve their finish times and maximize their abilities
  • Any runner who just wants to feel more comfortable and natural while running

Our run video analysis includes:

  • Filming pre- and post-drills to show improvement in run form
  • Immediate feedback on ways to improve your running and drills that you can implement in to your own training
  • A slow-motion video capture of your run analysis
  • A powerpoint document with still images taken from your run video analyzing key areas of your stride and form that need focusing, along with drills to help improvement.

$125 for a private, 90 minute session (+$15 for non-team members). Questions? Contact bridget@tnmultisports.com for more information.

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