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Race Day Fueling Plans


Nutrition is often referred to as “the fourth discipline” in triathlon, and it’s just as important in other races, whether you’re focusing on a 5k or an ultra-marathon. To ensure you’re fully prepared leading up to your race and are properly fueled for optimum performance on race day, we offer a variety of nutrition consultations that will help you better achieve your goals.

Our sports dietitian will develop your race day fueling plan to meet your needs for race day. This package includes a detailed outline of race day nutrient needs and timing, your hydration needs based on sweat test results, and pre-race day carbohydrate recommendations.

You will receive an initial questionnaire via email. Once completed, Monica will provide you with a structured plan for race day and nutrition guidelines for peak performance.


Also Available: One-on-One Nutrition Support
Our registered dietitian Monica is available for individual nutrition coaching to help you achieve your performance and health-related goals. Monica will teach you how to harness the power of nutrition science and discover what foods, eating patterns, and behavior modification techniques work best for you.

Cost: Please contact Monica or the TN coaches for private pay and insurance rates. All TN Multisports athletes will receive a 15% discount if payment is made at the time of service and claims are not being submitted to insurance.