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Post-Race Nutrition Consultation


Nutrition is often referred to as “the fourth discipline” in triathlon, and it’s just as important in other races, whether you’re focusing on a 5k or an ultra-marathon.

Our sports dietitian will review your race day fueling strategy and provide feedback during a follow up consultation so that you can identify what worked and the roadblocks you ran into during your race.


Also Available: One-on-One Nutrition Support
Our registered dietitian Monica is available for individual nutrition coaching to help you achieve your performance and health-related goals. Monica will teach you how to harness the power of nutrition science and discover what foods, eating patterns, and behavior modification techniques work best for you.

Cost: Please contact Monica or the TN coaches for private pay and insurance rates. All TN Multisports athletes will receive a 15% discount if payment is made at the time of service and claims are not being submitted to insurance.