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Bike Fitting


Road and Time Trial Bike Fittings

TN Multisports offers custom bike fits for a road or time trial bike. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable bike position based on each individual athlete’s goals and needs. Each person has evolving bike fit needs which can necessitate multiple fit sessions to get him or her to an ideal position.

The fit session includes full static fit measurements, photo analysis of your fit as we make the appropriate changes, and a final fit document which includes all of the obtained data and photos.  The bike fit also includes a second follow up bike fit tweak to make any further adjustments. Please note that we assume each athlete enters the fit process with a bike frame that is appropriately sized.


Together, we’ll agree on a spot (we’ll be in touch shortly after you purchase a fitting to arrange the details).

Bring your bike and cycling shoes. Other items may be required but will be specified.