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Meet the TN Team Ambassadors!

This year, TN Multisports is introducing a new program – the TNM ambassador program! A longtime goal of Teresa’s, the ambassador program will provide the team with an extra layer of support. All ambassadors are experienced athletes and longtime TNM members, and will be assisting our coaches with organizing team social events, race inspiration, and will be here to support all TNM members meet their goals, no matter the event!

Paul Boivin
Paul Boivin came to TN Multisports by way of his wife Victoria, who was training with the team for Ironman Canada 2011. “I had started running about a year before and then as I sat on the beach watching Vicki and some other athletes swimming at Seward Park, I decided I should give triathlon a try,” said Paul.

He originally came from a mountain biking and then road racing background on a local racing team. After about 8 years of mountain and bike racing, Paul was looking for a challenge beyond the first dimension of bike racing. Since triathlon provided the challenge and excitement of combining three different sports, it captured his enthusiasm. 2010 was Paul’s first attempt at triathlon in the Olympic distance race at ChelanMan in Chelan, WA. Since then, he has gone on to race multiple Olympic and half Ironman distance triathlons, as well as duathlons and half marathons, while still racing in the local bike scene around Seattle, WA as a Category 3 racer. The multisport scene has captured his heart and soul while having the added benefit of lifelong fitness.

Besides looking forward to a great 2013 of training, racing, and eating tons of post-race cookies with the TN Multisport Athlete Family, Paul’s goals for 2013 will include the following:

  • Early season road bike racing that will include preparation for the Tour of Walla Walla Stage Race
  • 3-4 XTERRA off-road triathlons with a vision of attempting to qualify for XTERRA Nationals
  • Going for a finish at the Seattle Marathon in the fall
  • A couple various distance trail running races
  • Trying to fit a half Ironman-distance triathlon in between any of his 2013 “A” races

Steve Hooper
Steve came to TN Multisports in late 2011 after riding his bike from Hanover, NH to Seattle, WA with a couple of business school friends. Having spent two years training for triathlons with classmates, Steve felt he needed a strong team atmosphere to be able to continue successfully in the sport. It was clear from the very first team workout that TNM was the exact right fit.

Before joining TN, Steve had competed in some sprint and Olympic distance events while living on the east coast, and had also completed his first 70.3, the Ironman Mooseman up in New Hampshire. After his first taste of a 70.3 (at which he vowed to never do that distance again), he was a spectator and supporter for a friend at Ironman Canada and, immediately after that race, began making plans for his first Ironman in 2013.

A lifelong cyclist, Steve has participated in the Seattle to Portland no less than a dozen times over the last two decades, first conquering it on the back seat of a tandem at the age of 13. He still wishes he had started swimming at that age as well.

Steve’s big goal for 2013 is the completion of Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June. Besides that, he will be participating in a number of other events around the region and looks forward to racing with and cheering for the entire TNM family.

Kirsten Nesholm
Kirsten has been with TN Multisports since the team was founded in 2009. She had been running for years and had completed many 5K’s, 10K’s, and half marathons. Then, in 2007 after a trip to Hawaii, she decided she wanted to learn how to swim and started taking lessons. That summer, a friend encouraged her to do a triathlon and introduced her to Teresa. With Teresa’s guidance, Kirsten did her first sprint tri and was immediately hooked on triathlon. When Teresa started TN Multisports the following year, there was no question in her mind: she had to join the team! With the support of the TNM family, she was encouraged to race longer distances. Since then, she has completed several half Ironman races (her favorite distance) as well as Ironman Canada.

Running is still Kirsten’s passion, so she continues to race half marathons and marathons. Before she joined TNM, she had started to train for two marathons but never got to the starting line due to injury. Thanks to Teresa, she was able to complete the Portland Marathon in 2009 and qualify for Boston. In 2013, she is going to focus on doing shorter races and on having fun. She’s excited to cheer for everyone racing this year!

Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth started out a running in college. Loving the challenge and the friends made along the way, she started out with 5Ks and went on to longer distances races starting in 2002. This love of running introduced Elizabeth to Teresa Nelson through the Seattle Athletic Club in 2008. She went on to join TN Multisports, making friends and running buddies and solidifying her love of sport.

Many running races and PR’s later, Elizabeth was inspired to try triathlon by the amazing athletes and coaches at TN Multisports. She completed her first sprint triathlon in 2010 and has since moved on to longer distance races. Elizabeth continues to be inspired by her teammates and coaches, so much so that she went on to get her USAT Level I coaching certification in 2012.

An RRCA certified coach, Elizabeth also loves to evangelize the values she has learned through sport and TNM by getting involved in charity running programs. Helping TNM teammates reach their goals continues to inspire Elizabeth to reach hers.

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