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IM CDA Camp Recap!

On May 11th, 14 TN Multisports athletes participated in the Coeur d’Alene training camp. For the second year in a row the weather gods were on the campers’ side, bringing mid 60’s for Day 1 and low 70’s for Day 2 and 3. The agenda was simple: train, train, and train more. Campers arrived Thursday evening and the mandatory meeting took place at 8pm. All athletes made the camp meeting and then it was time to get some sleep

Friday morning was spent at the KROCS Center swimming under the direction of Coach Teresa. Athletes worked on open water techniques from drafting to sighting, etc.

After breakfast the team went for a 113 mile ride. Ironman Coeur d’Alene is known for its beauty on the bike and run course, but this year the bike course has changed. Athletes now make their way onto I-95 (yes, an interstate) for 80 of the 112 miles. Unfortunately, the majority of the bike course’s beauty is gone thanks to the new route (I think they substituted the scenery for semi trucks).

Teresa led the way in the TN Multi/Powerbar sag wagon while Mark led out the fourteen campers. This was the first time the athletes were going to see the new IM course, so they were in for a special day. The opening 8 mile out and back to Higgins Point boat launch takes you over a majority of the run course, so the athletes were taking in every detail possible, from shade cover to potholes.

After making their way back through town, the athletes did an out and back on I-95. With the amount of debris on the road, we were amazed that there were only two flat tires all day! The weather was perfect for those not liking the heat, a little cooler for others. After completing the bike portion, athletes made their way out for a 20-40 minute transition run.

On Friday evening we had a team dinner at Tito Macaroni’s. Reservations were tough in Coeur d’Alene this weekend as the local prom was going on and this was the first break in the weather in 2012. Upon arrival at Tito’s, we were informed our table was just given away and it will be a 45 min to 1 hour wait. After some arguing back in forth with management, the team was seated at the bar adjacent to the restaurant (the bar was under the same management). Dinner was a challenge — salads arrived after entrees, John Pierce received his meal after everyone was done — but we made the best of the situation and dealt with adjusting to the curveball as you would on race day.

Saturday morning started off with a 56 mile loop, then a lunch break before setting out on a 2 hour run on the marathon course. Support was great as Teresa was all over the place offering PowerBar Perform, Powerbar gels, Powerbar bars, etc.

After the run, athletes made their way down to the lake for a perfect ice bath and to watch the Mac & Terrence show. Mac walked straight onto the dock and did a not-so-perfect swan dive into the frigid lake. Ten minutes later, the talented Terrence decided it was his turn to do a 3 out of 10 flip off the dock. Dinner Saturday night was just what the doctor ordered: woodfire pizza, salads, and beer with a great group of people. Camp is all about training, learning the course, and getting to know your teammates better. I can honestly say that everyone enjoyed each other’s company. Sunday morning brought a swim session at KROCS and an optional run.

All in all, the weekend went off without a hitch and all 14 athletes and two coaches learned a little bit more about the course, their teammates, and, perhaps most importantly, themselves.

TN Multisports has been hosting camps for three years, and we strive to make every camp all about each individual athlete. It takes extreme dedication, desire, and discipline to leave your loved ones for the weekend (especially Mother’s Day weekend) and put your time in our hands, and we thank you.

Stats from CDA camp 2012:

  • 14 athletes (+Teresa and Mark)
  • 198 Powerbar gels consumed (19,800 calories)
  • 139 bottles of Powerbar Perform consumed (29,190 calories)
  • 3 flat tires (Bob, John, Dustin)
  • 168 miles ridden per athlete
  • 2.5 hours run per athlete
  • 5,000 yards swam per athlete

Next up is the IM Canada Camp July 27-29!

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