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Fundraiser for Evergreen Pool / Postal Swim

Where: Evergreen Pool

When: Saturday, January 25th

Why: Help an amazing pool stay open for business and gain some fitness along the way!

TN Multisports is heading up our annual postal swim as a fundraiser for Evergreen Pool. Since last year the pool has been under financial difficulties and are on a mission to raise $30,000 to help with operational costs.  This pool accommodates children taking their first swim lessons (and beyond), club teams, high school swimmers, recreational swimmers, and outdoor recreations clubs. Lets help keep the swimming momentum on a roll!

The Postal swim is a timed one hour swim where you get to swim as far as you can in 60 minutes. Each lane will have 2 people and will be assigned a counter. Yep, you don’t even have to count!! Reserve your spot by signing up online at www.tnmultisports.com.

TNM is aiming to raise $2000 for Evergreen and we are asking a minimum of $25 donation from each swimmer. Even if you don’t plan to participate donations are still welcome. Please contact mark@tnmultisports.com to donate.

Please help us, help a pool in need and keep the community and swimmers playing in the water for years to come!

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