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Bike Handling Clinic 101

As the weather begins to make a turn for the better, race season approaches, and we start to venture into the great outdoors for our rides, our bike handling skills may be slightly rusty after a winter on the trainer. This clinic will help to improve your bike dexterity, efficiency, overall balance and control, and of course safety. For all of you tri riders out there, we are here to help you drink and take your gu comfortably while riding as well as to help you gain confidence when you are training and racing in a group atmosphere. You will learn how to feel in control and respond to “uncomfortable” situations while riding so you are prepared for the unpredictability of the open road and other riders.

Whether you are a seasoned rider who thinks they may have nothing new to learn or a novice rider who is just starting out, chances are everyone can benefit from spending a little time enhancing and fine tuning their bike handling skills. For all riders, the more confident and comfortable you get on your bike, the faster, the better, and the more efficient a rider you will become. You will use less energy on body tension and anxiety and be able to focus that energy on becoming more relaxed, confident, faster, and most importantly, safer!

The clinic will take you through drills and skills work that will encourage and challenge you to go out of your comfort zone in order to become a more confident and solid rider.

The more relaxed and confident a rider, the faster and more efficient the ride!

Date: Saturday, May 14
Time: 10am-12pm
Location: Marymoor Park (meeting in the parking lot by the velodrome)
Cost: $40
*There is a $1 parking fee if you choose to park in Marymoor.

*Come prepared with all of your biking gear. Helmets are a MUST!
*Space is limited so register online now!

If you have any questions please contact: coaches@tnmultisports.com

Ride safely 😉

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