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Bridget Jones, USAT-Certified Triathlon Coach


Bridget Cressman joined TN Multisports in 2009 and is thrilled to be working with the amazing athletes at TNM. She feels blessed to be able to help others realize their athletic potential and make their goals a reality.

Competitive athletics have been a part of Bridget’s life since her childhood. A seasoned athlete, before her first triathlon in 2003 Bridget was a nationally ranked competitive ski racer through the end of high school as well as a collegiate soccer player. Despite having to balance both ski racing and soccer, she was able to excel at the highest levels in both sports.

After college, Bridget moved back to Seattle and felt it was time for a new athletic endeavor. In the summer of 2003, she started training and competed in her first ever triathlon at Beaver Lake. After she came in first in her age group, a new passion for multisports began and she hasn’t looked back. Since that first triathlon at Beaver Lake, Bridget has been a consistent age group winner and top 10 overall female finisher. In 2011 she placed 4th in her age group at Honu 70.3, securing a spot for the 70.3 World Championships in Vegas. In 2014 she did her first Ironman at Whistler and placed 5th in her division!

Bridget welcomed her newest training partner in July 2012, a son named Hudson Miles. Thank goodness for jogging strollers! Especially with the new addition of a baby, she understands that finding the fine balance between training and family life is important. She is forever thankful and grateful for her loving and supportive husband who is her biggest cheerleader and encourager. You are likely to see her in the stroller division at your next running event!

Bridget has coached multiple athletes through all triathlon and running distances, including half Ironman and Ironman events. With athletes ranging from first-timers to experienced triathletes, each one brings with them a set of new challenges and goals. Bridget is dedicated to her athletes, and watching them cross the finish line with a huge smile on their face that represents the satisfaction and joy of reaching their goals is the reason she loves this sport. As an athlete herself, she understands the dedication and desire it takes to accomplish goals while always keeping them in perspective and enjoying the journey.

Bridget is a USAT Level I certified coach as well as a certified TRX instructor.

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