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TN Multisports was created by Teresa Webb with the support of her athletes and friends. After several years of working with athletes and recognizing the keys to achieving personal success in sport, Teresa wanted to create an environment for people where success was easily accessible and where individuals could strive in competition, fun, friendships, goal setting, and accountability.

Teresa Nelson, Founder of TN Multisports

Teresa Nelson

When I started the sport I was LOST. I knew no one, was confused on how to get started, was scared to figure out city bike or run routes by myself. I had to meet people, ask a lot of questions, research, learn, and figure it all out. There was not much available. After a few years, I decided to form an atmosphere where people could meet each other, have coaches available to answer questions and just make the entire process of getting involved – and staying involved in the sport – “easier” and fun. All in all, eliminate much of what made me intimidated to even get started.

TN Multisports has grown into an all-encompassing multisport lifestyle, with a balanced approach to fitness (mental, physical, nutrition, social). We’re proud to say: that we are the most cheerful, supportive group out there. Alongside this, we are fierce competitors, placing highest in team division awards. The TN Multisports group is strong, tight knit, fun and hard-working. And we’d love for you to join us!

At TN Multisports our Seattle based triathlon coaches focus on building a team environment based upon group workouts, events and races, while setting individual goals for each and every person who approaches us for guidance. We encourage and supports every athlete looking to improve his or her fitness levels and personal goals. We offer regularly scheduled weekly workouts all led by USAT certified coaches who help guide our athletes to reach their goals. TN Multisports provides a wide range of services including triathlon coaching, swim coaching, bike coaching, run coachingteam memberships, and much more.

Seattle Triathlon Coaches


Teresa Webb
Founder, owner, and USAT-Certified Triathlon Coach
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Bridget Jones
USAT-Certified Triathlon Coach
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Mark Webb
USAT-Certified Triathlon Coach
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John Strayer
Power Specialist
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Elizabeth Martin
USAT-Certified Triathlon Coach and Team Coordinator
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Zac Kieffer
USAT-Certified Triathlon Coach
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Monica Van Winkle
MS, RD, Registered Dietitian specializing in Sports and Wellness Nutrition
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Team Ambassadors

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